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  • Date:2014-04-25
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 Legal Affairs Section 

I. Legal affairs and regulations:
1. Reviews on the stipulation, revision or abolishment of autonomous regulations; 
2. Interpretations of ambiguous autonomous regulations;

3. Promulgation of laws and regulations;
4. Collection, compilation, preservation and publication of legal material; 

5. Conducting statistics of regular legal-affair statements and making documentation for approval;

6. Other tasks regarding legal affairs.
II. Appeal
1. Appointment of members to Administrative Appeals Committee; 
2. Taking charge of appeal cases by answering by official documentation on behalf of the Kinmen County Government; 
3. Investigating appeals and collecting related information; 

4. Interpretation to ambiguous meanings of laws and documentation transfers;

5. Approved decisions for appeal documentation;

6. Documentation for administrative prosecution;

7. Regarding the transfer, appendix, preservation of appeal cases and delivery of appeal documentation;

8. Other tasks concerned with appeals and administrative prosecution. 

III. State compensation affairs: 
1. Appointment of members to State Compensation Committee;
2. Negotiation and handling of state compensation affairs and exertion of compensation rights;
3. Budget allocation of state compensation affairs;

4. Conducting statistics of regular compensation-affair statements and making documentation for approval;
5. Other tasks regarding state compensation affairs.

IV Other responsibilities:  
1. Integration, and research and review of the Department affairs;

2. Documentation management affairs;
3. Conducting documentation electronic exchanges of the Department.
 Documentation Section 

I. Documentation management:  
1. Illustrations for documentation and regulations for official seals;

2. Formulation of official documentation;
3. Simplification of documentation process;   
4. Proposal of confidential documentation. 

II. Official seal preservation and management:
1. Preservation and supervision of the Department’s official seal;
2. Replacement for former official seals of government agencies or academic institutions;
3. Reporting of seal molding and declaration of annihilation of former seals;  
4. Usage of official seals on official documentation.


III. Receiving official documentation: 
1. Registration and handling of receiving official documentation;

2. Distribution or re-distribution of official documentation;

3. Electronic exchange of official documentation;

4. Other tasks concerning reception of official documentation. 


IV Issuing official documentation: 
1. Registration and handling of issuing official documentation;

2. Editing and putting official seal on official documentation to be issued;
3. Electronic exchange of official documentation;

4. Printing official documentation;
5. Delivery of official documentation;
6. Other tasks in regard with issuing official documentation.


V. Bulletin management:   
1. Editing of the county government bulletin;
2. Publication of the county government bulletin;

3. Other tasks regarding management of the bulletin affairs.

VI. Filing:

1. Collecting, filing, cataloguing, preserving, reviewing, maintaining and securing official filings;

2. Other tasks regarding filing.

General Affairs Section


I. Environmental sanitation and security management:
Outsourcing of environmental sanitation and security guards, hence maintaining a clean, green and safe environment while scaling back on manpower.

II Building anti-disaster management:
Tasks include repairs and maintenance of buildings, hydro-electricity maintenance, fire insurance, hydrant facility, public safety inspection so as to reach the objective of creating a comfortable and safe working environment for staff here.
III. Property management:  
Categorizing and filing of property, addition and deduction of property, transfer, inventory and waste handling are all included to maintain sound property management and increase the efficiency of business performance. 

IV. Vehicle management: 

Handling vehicle oil, insurance, taxation and repairs and maintenance, so as to achieve a better management of vehicles and work efficiency.
V. Public relations:  
Building satisfactory public relations with other institutions and the private sector so as to support governmental actions.  
VI. Affair management:
Handling general affairs and labor/health insurance and pensions, so as to meet the goals of labor administration and protection of laborers’ rights.

VII. Cashier management:  
In charge of petty cash, negotiable instruments, securities, and other properties (including preservation, transferal and transaction) and compilation and recording reconciliation statement, annual tax reporting and specific funds payment, and meet the goal of a sound financial management.

VIII. Forwarding the Procurement Act from the central government.

IX. Janitor and driver management.

X. Anti-disaster precautionary measures. 

XI. Management of other miscellaneous tasks.

Public Relations Section


I. News release and media contacts.

II. Publication of government policy execution and guidelines and printing of promotional signs. 

III. Counseling and management of cable television system and video industry. 

IV. Maintenance and management of Taiwushan Television Station and Yangshan digital television station.

V. Listing and delivery of the daily schedule of the county government.

VI. Publishing of important news and compilation of material from newspapers.

VII. Assisting in the news release of traffic safety promotion, anti-disaster activity, recruitment of volunteers, youth counseling and consumer protection.

VIII. Supervision of the Kinmen Daily business.
Comprehensive Planning Section  I. General planning: 

1. Planning and implementation of general policies, projects and programs of the county government;

2. Planning and implementation of off-island construction projects; 
3. Planning and promotion of mid-phase policy execution programs;

4. Stipulation and preparatory reviews for annual policy execution programs;   
5. Editing and writing of policy addresses; 
6. Tracking and controlling of the backup staff work and resolutions of county affairs meeting; 

7. Promotion of standard Operating procedure (SOP);

8. The backup staff work of local sustainable development;

9. Business inspection and supervision over the region by supervisors; 

10. Official documentation distribution; 

II. County government advisors: 
1. Contact with county government advisors and backup staff work; 
2. Tracking and controlling of the resolutions at the county government advisors conferences.

 Research and Evaluation Section 

I. Research and development:
1. A survey of public satisfaction toward government;

2. Regulation and employment of self-made research reports and commissioned research reports;
3. Regulation and employment of overseas business trip reports;
4. Management of governmental publications.
II. Regulation of planning:

1. Listing of yearly policy planning;
2. Regulation and evaluation of major public construction projects;

3. Regulation and evaluation of the implementation of the magistrate’s core plans delivered at candidate campaign; 

4. Regulation of general subsidization plan.

III. Regulation of projects:
1. Tracking and controls of specified cases and projects;

2. Tracking and controlling of the backup staff work and resolutions of the supervisors meeting;

3. Supervision, regulation, tracking and inspection of official documentation;

4. Tracking and regulation of other mandatory affairs from higher-level agencies and the magistrate and resolutions at meetings.

IV. Policy execution evaluation:

1. Annual policy execution performance evaluation;

2. A civilian satisfaction survey regarding visiting government for business.

 Information Management Section 

I. System development:

Promoting the overall planning of information development of Kinmen County and construction of the county government’s administrative information system. 

II. Staff information Website maintenance:

Including the construction, maintenance and management of staff information Website.

III. Information safety management:

Including construction and maintenance of information safety platform, information safety controlling system platform and inspection management platform.   

IV. Web safety monitoring and management:

Including Web construction, modulation and management, monthly compilation of information safety execution results and construction and management of Web monitoring system. 
V. Management of copies and support system:
Including construction and management of copies and support system, construction and maintenance of vertical host server and conducting disaster recovery drills.    

VI. Annual information safety inspection and management:

Information Security Management System (ISMS) promotes an authentication of maintenance and consequent review, yearly information safety inspection and regular weak spots scanning for the county government.
VII. Management of annual information safety drills:

Construction of annual social engineering system and drills, annual information & communications safety reporting and drills, annual information & communications safety training and reporting of annual drill results are all included.
VIII. System development:

Including the construction of county government’s administrative information system, assisting in the planning and construction of the information application systems for the departments and offices of the county government as well as consequent reviews and maintenance.

IX. Conducting the county’s “Public Wireless Broadband Web Construction and Operations” project.

X. Promotion of official documentation information system: 

1. Conducting the “Official Documentation Integration System of Kinmen County Government and its Subordinate Agencies” project, including system construction, transfer and operations.

2. Working in line with the central government in promoting “official documentation reform” in the county government as well as the subordinate agencies and institutions.
 3. Conducting the “Official Documentation Electronic Exchange Center” in accordance with the regulations of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan.

XI. Information technical staff and talents development:

Including annual staff educational training and computer classroom maintenance and management.
XII. Conducting “Information Service Internet Hotspots Promotion Plan” in accordance with the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan.

XIII. Promoting “Free Software” policy and the county government cataloguing.

XIV. Construction and maintenance of the government official Website:

   Including the construction of World Wide Website for Kinmen County Government, the maintenance of the Website for tourists, Multimedia Platform, Community Website construction, updates and maintenance of the subordinated government agencies Websites, English-based Website translation and implementation of other themed Websites.

XV. Joining in the efforts with the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan in promoting “Innovative Electronics Platform Program”. 

XVI. Promotion of the Internet for the public educational training. 
XVII. Joining in the efforts with the Ministry of the Interior in conducting the promotion and application of natural Person’s PIN Code.

XVIII. Maintenance and management of the equipment room:  Conducting the management for gate access, electricity, hydrant, temperature control, nonstop power system, and generation system.
XIX. Web management:

Including the construction and maintenance of the county’s VPN structure, firewall, DNS, Mail, IDP, and anti-hacker host.

XX. Construction and maintenance of Web phone system. 

XXI. Maintenance and management of related information systems: including the maintenance of Database System and personnel management system.